How to change the background of Telegram chats and customize them?

One of the reasons why many have preferred Telegram about WhatsApp, it is because of the large number of options and tools that the messaging app has. These range from security and privacy, to the ability to customize each conversation with a different background or color.

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To achieve the latter, you just have to follow a simple step by step that we share here and let your creativity turn each conversation into something different.

How to change the background of Telegram chats?

1. Enter the application Telegram from your phone.
2. Select the three-line menu in the upper left.

Telegram Settings Menu, to customize the chats- HolaTelcel Blog

3. Now go to ‘Settings’ and then choose the option ‘Chats’.

Telegam chats menu to personalize conversations-Blog HolaTelcel

4. Here you will find several options to change the chat background.

You can choose between the available backgrounds and colors, or go to the gallery of your phone and select the image that you like the most and go according to the chat.

On the other hand, in this same menu of ‘Chats’ you can adjust the font size, the corners of the messages to your favorite shape, the order of how you want the messages to look; also activate the night mode and even give an order to the stickers and masks that you use the most in each conversation.

Tools that can be configured from the Telegram Chats menu - HolaTelcel Blog

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Spider-Man with his phone personalizing his Telegram account- HolaTelcel Blog

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Best of all, this procedure works the same on the desktop version of Telegram. So you can enjoy the same experience from your smartphone or computer. 😉

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