How to block meetings that don’t interest you in Google Calendar?


With the ‘focus time’ feature of Google Calendar people will be able to designate a break time. To be able to do other things and not attend meetings

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies were forced to resort to home office. To keep in contact with co-workers and to be able to fulfill work tasks, different virtual meetings.

With the popularization of work video calls, many people saw how their virtual calendars they were full of these kinds of meetings.

Many of these meetings even interfered with workers’ rest schedules. That is why Google Calendar has a function that allows automatically lock the meetings that don’t interest you.

Google Calendar

With ‘focus time‘People may designate a time of rest to be able to do other things and not attend meetings.

By selecting this option, people will know that the user is not available at that time. In addition, this tool Google Calendar automatically locks meetings that are had in the break time.

“We are introducing a new type of Google Calendar entry, focus time, so you can lock and protect your time for individual work. Similar to the Out of Office event type, focus time has a different appearance on your calendar and includes the option to automatically decline conflicting events ”

Google explained that this tool is important so that workers can find their personal time and thus facilitate the distribution of schedules without affecting people’s productivity.

focus time

For the function ‘focus time‘does not affect the development of Google Calendar, the company announced that a different color can be assigned and in this way have the activities distributed in a better way.

Availability of this new Google tool

At the moment this tool Google Calendar only available to Google Workspace users: “Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Fundamentals, Education Teaching & amp; Learning Upgrade, Education Standard, Education Plus and non-profit organizations ”.

Focus time‘is available to users with fast track updates. “Those with scheduled releases will see rollout gradually (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting November 3, 2021.”

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