How to be more productive during the home office?


Although some companies have resumed work in person, many people continue to do home office. Learn how to be more productive

The Covid-19 pandemic forced many companies to carry out home office. However, they faced many problems as many of them did not have the technical resources.

Beyond connection and technology issues, some companies faced reduced performance. That is why you should consider some tips to be more productive.

homeoffice distractors

Although some people have had no trouble being able to Work from homeOthers have had difficulty concentrating and being efficient.

There are some external elements that you have at home that do not help you to be productive.

Tips to be more productive during the home office

Have a workspace

Having an assigned space to work allows for greater concentration. It will also allow people to differentiate between the working hours and entertainment.

It is recommended to have a very well lit place, preferably with natural light. Have a comfortable chair and a desk that allows you to have a good body posture.

Adequate work equipment

One of the big drawbacks during the home office is that the team is not optimized to do the work.

The slowness of the equipment and the connection failures affect that a worker is productive. It is necessary to review the specifications of the equipment such as the RAM memory and the graphics card that you need to run the programs that you commonly use.

Set work hours

To keep a good productivity it is necessary to maintain schedules that combine leisure time with work time.

It is necessary to mark moments of rest so that you can maintain a good rhythm of work flow and keep yourself with good energy.


Have an alternate team

It is necessary to have a plan B in case the equipment you are working with breaks down. It is advisable to have a device that allows you to get out of trouble.

You should also consider other equipment such as a printer, a scanner or some other type of additional tool.

Avoid distractions

Many times it is easy to get distracted by cell phone, television or home situations. That is why it is important to stay away from any element that deconcentrates you from your activities.

“If you have music in the background, that are songs that do not cause you much distraction and that you do not have to constantly change the songs, avoid being near an area that other members of your family use and try to make it clear at what times you will be rest and what hours you will keep working so that they try to talk to you or ask for your help once you finish work “

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