How to backup WhatsApp?

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When you change phones it is important to have a copy of your conversations so as not to lose them. We tell you how to restore it on a new cell phone

WhatsApp has become the messaging app more popular. Every day people use it to communicate either for personal or work reasons.

According to data from We Are Social and Hootsuite, WhatsApp it ranks as the third social network with the most registered users, only behind Facebook and YouTube.


In February of this year, the application highlighted that every day 100 billion messages and more than a billion calls are sent through its platform.

These data only demonstrate the importance of WhatsApp for both business and personal communication. Thousands of very important conversations and files are shared every day.

That is why it is important to have a backup that allows any information that may be useful later to be protected.

According to experts, it is important to have a backup of WhatsApp, either because the person wants to change their phone or because they are the victim of theft or loss of their equipment.

Ideally, each person should have a backup of your conversations in WhatsApp for when you want to reset them on a new computer.

Although the application offers possibilities to move information, it is possible that data will be lost during the migration. That is why we teach you how to protect your conversations.

How to backup WhatsApp on iOS and Android?

Backup WhatsApp

  • Go to Settings WhatsApp
  • Open the Chats option
  • Find the tool Backup copy and tap on this
  • Once inside, people must choose how often they want to make a backup
  • You will also have to choose the Google account where you want to store (this for Android) or iCloud (on iOS)
  • Another option that must be chosen is if you want to download only with WiFi or also with mobile data and if you want to include the videos or not
  • Now you just have to go to “Save” in Android or “Make a copy now” in ios

How to open your backup on a new device?

Once you have the backup, it is very easy to pass the conversations in a new team. For them you only have to:

  • Open WhatsApp and advance with the welcome settings
  • After verifying the number, WhatsApp it will show a window in which some permissions will be requested to start with the download of a backup copy on the mobile
  • You just have to click on continue and WhatsApp will look for the copy
  • You must accept the permissions so that WhatsApp can access contacts and multimedia content
  • In Android You must choose the Gmail account you want to use, as well as allow access to the Google account. In Manzana log in to the iCloud account in which you have the backup
  • The application will show the last saved copy on the screen, you just have to tap on Restore

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