How often should you reset your router to avoid problems?


Although most people reset the router when there are problems, it can be restarted in a planned way to help the connection

With the home-office the router has become one of the essential elements, since they allow them to have Internet access to be able to fulfill all their tasks.

One of the actions people take when they have problems with your connection (that the connection speed decreases or that the network is unstable) is reset your router, however it can also be restarted on a scheduled basis to avoid crashes.

But how to know when is the right time to reset it to avoid Internet problems. There are usually small indicators that show that it is necessary to restart it.


Networking experts even talk about the benefits of a reboot every two months. According to specialists, having many devices connected is normal for problems to accumulate.

The router reboot It is not only beneficial to improve our connection or the stability of the network; is also capable of protect us from malware. The authorities indicate that it is the way to interrupt any type of attack.

If you want to keep your device healthy and performing efficiently, it’s worth scheduling router resets.

How to reset your router?

It is a misconception that simply pressing the on/off button and pressing it again a second later will turn it off, on and on again.

“The router requires a few seconds to completely shut down and all circuits stop working”


  1. The first thing you should do is look for the router’s on or off button.
  2. Once turned off you must unplug the cables, even the current one
  3. When it is completely disconnected, wait about twenty seconds to make sure that the circuits are completely turned off
  4. After this time, you can plug the router back in and the lights will start to come on again
  5. In a few minutes, it tests the Internet to see if the connection is working properly and everything improves

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