How much is your personal data worth on the internet?

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Researchers revealed how much hackers pay to have people’s personal information

Most of the cyber attacks They are carried out with the aim of having people’s personal information. False promotions, deceptive emails and malicious applications are used to obtain an individual’s data.

But how much is it worth and why is it so important to hackers?

Kaspersky researchers analyzed how much the personal information In Internet. However, it was discovered that a piece of information about a person does not cost much but it can be harmful to the individual.

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The experts detailed that although more and more people are aware of the protection of certain information, there is also a large sector that considers that their data is not of interest to anyone.

But the leak of personal information On the internet, which in a way is a method of cyberbullying, it can affect any user who expresses himself online or who does not conform to the rules of other users.

Data sold in the dark market can be used for extortion, running scams and phishing schemes, and outright money theft.

Kaspersky researchers revealed that “access to personal data can start as little as 50 cents for an identification, depending on the depth and breadth of the data provided.”

The personal information Most requested are: credit card details, access to banking and electronic payment services.

“Our research highlights how important it is to be aware that your data is in high demand and can be used for malicious purposes, even if you don’t have a lot of money, don’t express controversial opinions and are generally not very active online.” commented Dmitry Galov, security researcher at GReAT at Kaspersky.

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In this sense, it was revealed that there is an increase in personal medical records and selfies with personal identification documents that are worth up to 40 dollars.

How to protect your personal data on the internet?

Kaspersky researchers recommend following some tips to protect your personal information In Internet.

  • Always check the permission settings in the applications that are used, to minimize the probability that your data will be shared or stored by third parties.
  • Use two-factor authentication
  • Use reliable passwords and modify them from time to time. It is important that each password is different.
  • Use secure equipment when sharing sensitive data like credit card numbers.

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