How much does Shrek charge for his classes on Thursdays? We already know!

The popularity that Shrek, the most fearsome ogre in cinema, has on social networks. Even more so considering that the first film was released exactly twenty years ago. An animated success which is due to its peculiar humor, unforgettable scenes and emblematic phrases that today are still a great reference for different situations. One of them, and one that you will surely remember, is: “I teach on Thursdays, I don’t charge much.”

Shrek and Donkey, scene in which he says "I teach on Thursdays, I don't charge much".- Blog Hello Telcel

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Well, after all this time, an experienced TikTok user set out to find out how true it is that the ogre does not charge much for his classes And it’s true, taking classes with Shrek is very cheap!

How much does Shrek charge for his classes on Thursdays?

The video shared some time ago on TikTok by user André Pineda, evidently shows that Shrek has no need to charge a lot for his classes. This after an exhaustive analysis that takes into account how much the ogre could spend each month, what his wedding to Fiona cost him and the savings and resources he would need to teach his fighting classes every Thursday.

Shrek’s funny phrase happens in the first installment, when he and Donkey face all of Lord Farquaad’s guard in order to recover the swamp. Both end up as champions by beating everyone and the ogre offers his fighting classes to the public every Thursday.

Will there be new movies from Shrek? This is what is known

So far there is nothing confirmed, but there are many rumors that a fifth installment of Shrek could be on the way. A completely renewed story, but one that would bring back the classic characters with their respective voice actors: Mike Myers as Shrek, Cameron Díaz as Fiona, Eddie Murphy as Burro and Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots.

There could be a new Shrek movie very soon - Blog Hola Telcel

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It was finally discovered how much Shrek charges for his classes on Thursdays - Hello Telcel blog

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In addition to “I teach on Thursdays, I don’t charge much”, What other Shrek phrase is among your favorites?

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