How is Artificial Intelligence integrated into smartphones?

We know that smartphones They are getting smarter and wistfully we could remember those times when we only used them to make calls. However, in recent years we have seen great technological leaps. This is due to the evolution of chipsets, which include new manufacturing systems with more efficient processors, as well as does MediaTek. Remember that at Telcel we have the best smartphones!

Artificial Intelligence in Mediatek equipment, how does it work?

In the case of smartphones, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used to make the device “learn” and automatically manage almost all the elements of the equipment.

In the case of smartphones with MediaTek processors, Artificial Intelligence is housed in a processor called APU (Artificial Intelligence Processing Unit). It records, learns and controls the parameters of the smartphone in order to offer solutions to problems already seen or to respond instantly to the appearance of a new condition that needs to be improved or resolved. The new Dimensity processor family offers this innovative technology.

Mediatek Dimensity technology enables faster processors and artificial intelligence - Hola Telcel blog

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Artificial Intelligence, connectivity of the future

The new smartphone models give you multiple connectivity options, through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC and even networks like #TelcelLaMejorRed with the highest Coverage and Speed. Each of these technologies offer different versions and ideally, your smartphone it can connect to other devices or high-speed networks in the best way. That’s when Artificial Intelligence comes in again.

Through different artificial intelligence algorithms and functions such as UltraSave; the smartphones they achieve that when you connect with some gadget, such as watches, surveillance cameras, headphones or any other system, always look for the most suitable system to get the most out of it, as well as learn from your routines.

The new models of smartphones give you multiple connectivity options thanks to Mediatek.- Blog Hola Telcel

Photography, Multimedia and Games.

The most advanced smartphones on the market feature up to five independent camera processing cores (included by MediaTek). This processing power is best accompanied by the incorporation of artificial intelligence algorithms. The combination of technologies allows us a unique experience in many aspects.

Smartphones What alive v21, Redmi Note 10 5G, Samsung Galaxy A32 or the OPPO Reno6 5G, They can help you take better photos according to the weather, the light, the object to be photographed so that you can get a better picture.

Is cloudy? Your phone’s processor will adjust the white balance to make the photo look as realistic as possible. It will make the faces or the whole photo in general come out with bluish tones. This can be achieved thanks to the five independent camera processing cores included by MediaTek.

There are five independent camera processing cores included by MediaTek and artificial intelligence - Hola Telcel blog

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We also know that content playback on streaming is increasingly demanding, since it is not only about being able to have the content in real time, but also being able to obtain the best resolution. That is why the solutions in chipsets of MediaTek incorporate different modes to scale video; going from standard quality (SDR) to high resolution (HDR), without consuming more data and even saving battery.

This video feature is widely used in games, as the most recent and popular versions are quite demanding. These use the processing power of the phone so that you can see the best possible images, listen to high quality sounds and also have good control; precise and very fast.

Game Turbo mode for hours of high quality video games

Equipment like the ones we mentioned above or these others: OPPO Reno5 Z 5G, moto g50 5G, use a technology called HyperEngine that allows you to use the Game Turbo mode and in this way the AI ​​will configure all the parameters of your phone and adjust them so that they offer you higher connection speed, speed in processing your games and will put both the screen and the audio so that you can have the best development of your game. As soon as you finish playing the game, the AI ​​will reconfigure your smartphone as normal so you don’t waste extra battery.

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