How do I protect payments in my online store to make it more secure?

online store security

An important step in eCommerce is to offer the assurance that any purchase that is made will be completely safe

Due to the contingency due to the coronavirus the Online sales have increased significantly. In order to avoid crowds, brands have invited people to make all their shopping digitally.

However, companies must prepare their Online store to offer great service to your customer. One of the issues to consider is the security of the transactions.


Most people focus on having different payment methods. However, both companies and users are vulnerable to fraud or attacks that put their Bank information.

Therefore, certain measures must be established to increase the security of the Payments in a Online store. The Expansión medium consulted several experts to find out the protection that brands could use to protect the transactions carried out in their eCommerce.

Tips to increase the security of your online store

In this sense, Mario Juárez, Adobe Magento Mexico sales manager, recommended that companies join with experts who can learn about the development of a Purchase online.

“Choosing e-commerce providers that help companies have their online store well monitored is vital. Many companies do not know how to install payments or what are the preferences of their users. So it is important that they know which methods are the best ”

Online store

Experts recommend the implementation of certificates such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). That allows data transfer to be encrypted between a browser and a web server.

Another of the certificates that are key in the protection of banking data is compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standard. A global scheme that allows the data of the cards entered on a website to be kept secure and that restricts the saving of sensitive data for security.

Mario Juárez explained that both certificates are global standards that help companies to have greater control of the transactions. Protecting user data when making a purchase in a Online store.

Erick McKinney, Country Manager for Adyen in Mexico explained that an online store can also implement security systems such as card tokenization.

“Many large companies have this type of tokenized cards that make payment in electronic stores easier and that gives users extra insurance”

Other technologies that can be implemented is 3D Secure, a protocol that allows adding an extra verification step when making a purchase in order to avoid fraudulent payments.

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