How can you see all the deleted WhatsApp messages?

There are more and more functionalities within WhatsApp that allow us to carry out more activities, edits or make our conversations more fun. However, messages deleted in a chat become an enigma because sometimes we want to know the reason why they were deleted. If it has happened to you, now you can learn a new trick to be able to read them again.

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Step by step to see deleted WhatsApp messages again

The first thing you should know before putting this trick into practice is that it is only valid on the desktop version of WhatsApp and that it is not compatible with those users who use the beta version of the application.

Once you are sure that you can perform this trick, you will have to perform the following steps to see the deleted WhatsApp messages again:

  • Add the extension ‘WA Web Plus’ on the Chrome Store.

Where to download the WA Web Plus extension?  - Blog Hola Telcel

  • Open your WhatsApp Web from the Google Chrome browser.
  • Later, find the extension you added in ‘Extensions’. To do this, select the puzzle piece icon at the top right of the tab and click on ‘WA Web Plus’.
  • It will automatically redirect you to the main page of WhatsApp Web and you will have to select the option ‘Restore deleted messages’.

How to recover deleted WhatsApp messages?  - Blog Hola Telcel

  • Finally, enter the chat from which you want to read the deleted messages and you will find a red prohibitory symbol, the legend ‘This message was deleted’ and the text that was deleted by your contact.

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You can do other tricks with WA Web Plus!

In addition to being able to read deleted WhatsApp messages again with this Google Chrome extension, you can also apply the effect blur (blurred) to your messages so that those around you in the office or home cannot read the newly arrived messages and many other tricks.

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Without a doubt, WA Web Plus is a very useful extension that will surprise you. Would you dare to try it?

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