How bad is your Spotify?


Find out how bad your musical tastes are thanks to an artificial intelligence application that attacks your musical tastes

Spotify has become one of the music platforms streaming, but now a application who uses the artificial intelligence that criticizes your musical tastes.

In recent days the bot called How Bad is your Spotify or How bad is your Spotify? It is a platform promoted by The Pudding magazine and that is capable of analyzing the most played songs, artists and tastes in general.

How bad is your Spotify app

The bot begins to analyze your tastes in Spotify and yet sarcastically criticize everything in your music library.

How it works How bad is your Spotify?

To use the application it is only necessary to go to the page and log in with your account of the audio streaming platform and give it start.

“Did you really listen to this artist?”, “Do you know that there is a particular reason why no one listens to this song?”, “Do you feel good?”, “Obviously you did it in an ironic way, right?” , are some of the questions that the app asks.

The bot even determines the percentage you have as a basic person based on what you listen to on Spotify.

How bad is your Spotify

After ending with the sarcasms and ironies about How bad is your Spotify?, it will show a little song to ask if they have ever heard it. In this way, it tries to make the user “reconsider” according to what he has analyzed about musical tastes.

In its final verdict, the application describes the personal tastes of each person with a personalized qualifying adjective, since it is based on the words of the bands or artists that are present on Spotify.

How bad is your Spotify? It has become viral, it has become an alternative to the classic ‘Spotify Wrapped’ that only limits itself to showing the most played songs of the year, the most listened to artists and musical genres of the year.

According to its developers, it relies on reviews from sites like Pitchfork, Times magazine, and NPR Tiny Desk Concerts to make the reviews.

If you are still comfortable with your musical tastes, How bad is your Spotify? It allows you to share your social networks.


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