How and where to see the presentation of the new realme GT

Many and good are the characteristics that are part of this new team, as a combination of a very striking design that fits with the youngest and a hardware that ensures a power more than enough to run all kinds of applications (including the most demanding games currently available for Android). Therefore, this is a phone that is launched for those who are always looking in their day to day, whether it is enjoying multimedia content or taking photos in any type of situation.

Realme GT phone appearance

Great virtues of this new phone

Apart from offering 5G connectivity, as it cannot be otherwise in a terminal that belongs to the high-end product range, the components that will be part of this smartphone will be excellent. If we take the model announced in Asia as a reference, it is normal to expect a state-of-the-art Snapdragon processor that will be accompanied by a quantity of RAM more than enough – to bet on 8 GB or more is to do it on a winning horse – so that everything runs with a great fluency. And, all this, without forgetting a storage capacity that will avoid having to resort to external options with total security.

Realme GT charging power

It will also include good solutions in the photography section, since surely we are talking about a device that has three sensors that it will work in parallel, and where everything indicates that the main one will arrive with a resolution of 64 megapixels. If you add a large battery with fast charging of 65 W and a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen and frequency of 120 Hz, it is clear that it will fulfill the motto of its launch: Flagship of pure speed.

The realme GT doesn’t come alone

At the launch event aside from the phone we talked about, a new strategy for a broader range of products will also be announced called realme TechLife. In it, a wide ecosystem of products will be created where you can find everything from headphones to robot vacuum cleaners with the aim of providing solutions for any type of user who has technological needs. Therefore, we are talking about a complete AIoT ecosystem that will allow solving all kinds of demands.

Realme TechLife logo

How to see the ad prepared by realme

Well, the truth is that there is very little left for both the phone we have talked about and the new technological strategy of this company to become a reality, since tomorrow June 15 at 2:00 p.m. in Spain (Although the event will be global), you will be able to know all the details that have been prepared. In addition, you can follow everything from the channel itself Youtube that he has realme in our country and in this way not miss any detail of what is said. This is the link:

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