Hot deal on Sony WH-CH510 headphones at Amazon

It is not necessary to make a large outlay to have high-quality headphones in our hands. We have an example in Sony WH-CH510, found at a spectacular discount on Amazon that few of you will be able to let escape. We are facing a reliable product, with good sound and a real beast in the autonomy section and that is available in various colors.

Sony WH-CH510 blue

Compact and with a lot of battery

We are facing very light headphones, thanks to its 132 grams of weight, which also have some Swivel hulls for easy portability from one place to another. Its structure includes physical buttons that allow you to play, stop or skip songs, as well as adjust the volume. How could it be otherwise, this product stands out for having the Sony seal in terms of sound quality. That means they are perfect for appreciating the most hidden nuances of your favorite music or enjoying movies with powerful bass.

The good news is that there is no battery to worry about, as support up to 35 hours of uninterrupted listening. But even if we run out of battery, a 10-minute quick charge with the Type-C cable will give us up to 90 minutes of playback time. In addition to being able to listen to our favorite music, these Sony WH-CH510 allow to answer calls in hands-free mode since they have an integrated microphone.

Sony WH-CH510 on a table

Besides, also we can connect to the voice assistant of our mobile as Google Assistant or Siri with the press of a button. In this way we can receive information about the weather or give orders to the mobile without taking it out of your pocket. When buying these headphones, we will see that they are available in three elegant colors: black, blue and white.

For less than 35 euros

If we take a look at the official Sony website or look at the price previously set by Amazon for these headphones, we will see that we are facing an opportunity to take into account. The usual price of these headphones is 50 euros, but now We find them in their three color options for less than 35 euros. This represents a saving of 31% compared to that usual cost or what is the same, almost 16 euros less. As usual, shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers, who in most cases will receive the package overnight. What we do not know is how long this discount or the stock in the different colors will be available. This means that you should not take long to think about it, in case it seems like an option to consider.

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