Hospital transports Covid-19 vaccines with drones

Covid vaccines

A North Carolina hospital will transport the Covid-19 vaccines with drones, the device will be able to keep the drug at the right temperature

To maintain the proper temperature in the vaccines against him Covid-19, a North Carolina hospital decided to transport the drug through drones.

UPS will use the Metternet drones. According to the Venturebeat, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center will be the first facility in the United States to receive vaccines against him coronavirus in this way.

According to the first reports, the use of drones will allow that there are not so many losses of vaccines due to poor temperature management.


Since the drones They are equipped with a box that has a gel that helps maintain the vaccines at a temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

To prevent “overheating”, the Matternet M2 drone has a device that monitors and verifies the temperature.

This would comply with the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on the handling, storage and transportation of the vaccine.

Additionally, a system will notify flight operators if the temperature changes for any reason.

The drone It can fly autonomously and has been tested with deliveries at a nearby family medicine facility.

Since July 2020, the drones to send prescription drugs to older adults. Using the infrastructure you can transport vaccines against him Covid-19.

Each flight is supervised by operators trained by UPS Flight Forward. Workers check the drone and scan the airspace for traffic.

These drones were previously used in Switzerland to deliver blood samples. But with the pandemic by the Covid-19 your service was stopped.


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