HMD Global brings the new Nokia X, G and C to Spain betting on a sustainable approach

MADRID, April 21 (2021) –

HMD Global, the company responsible for the Nokia brand, has presented its news in the Nokia mobile catalog, what will be sold in the month of May and that they arrive with their new sustainability proposal, focused on magazine removal, durability, and updates for up to three years.

HMD introduced its new family of Nokia devices in early April, three different new lines, X, G and C, a new nomenclature that goes from the entry range, to the mid-range and even with support for 5G, respectively, but all of them with a strategy focused on durability.

Nokia mobiles are designed to last over time”Said HMD Global Vice President for Southern Europe, Alberto Matrone, in a meeting with the Spanish press attended by Europa Press.

HMD expects customers to buy phones from Nokia’s latest range now you can continue to use them in 2024 and keep having system updates until then in some cases, and security, in all.

With the motto ‘love it, trust it, keep it’, the Finnish brand has presented its new strategy for the Spanish market focused on sustainability, with which it has expressed its commitment to the environment through the durability of their mobiles.


HMD has announced that a total of Five mobile models of the new Nokia C, G and X series will be available in Spain throughout the month of May.

According to the company, its commitment to the environment is represented especially by the X series, consisting of Nokia X10 and X20 models, with features like Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 480 5G chip. “We want 5G devices to be accessible around the world,” said Matrone.

X series uses Android with pure Android One interface and functions three years of operating system updates to reach Android 14, one more than the rest of the range, as well as three years of monthly security patches and three years of warranty.

HMD’s bet also contemplates the removal of the magazine in the packages, keeping only the cable, to reduce electronic waste and saves space in the box. The charger can be purchased on the web if the user needs it, and the money is donated to the Finnish foundation ClearRivers, which cleans the oceans of plastics.

The charger is removed only on the X series, but “The idea is to adapt it” to the new mid-range and entry terminals of the G and C series, depending on the brand. There will be different charger models to choose from, around the 15 or 25 euros depending on whether it has a fast charge or not, and it will also be available in the online store.

The housing of this range of devices is respectful with the environment, with a compostable design to avoid residue that also prevents breakage. With all this, it is intended that the useful life of the devices goes from the current two years to three for both professional and private users.

HMD has ensured that “Companies are responding very well” to your proposal for updates and durability, and you have recalled that all your devices have the Android Enterprise Recommended Certification.

Nokia X10 It is the basic model of the X range, with support for 5G through the use of the Snapdragon 480 5G chip, which in addition to a quad camera configuration, stands out for its metallic design resistant to shocks and drops.

Nokia X20, for its part, increases the performance of the X range with functions such as ‘double sight’ to activate the front and rear cameras in video, giving the option of now also using the different sensors of the rear camera (main, wide angle, macro …) On video.

The new Nokia X10 will be available in Spain in a configuration of 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, for a price of 329 euros, while in the case of Nokia X20, the version with 6 + 128GB will cost 379 euros.


Among the rest of the models, the Nokia C Series input range works with the operating system for basic Android Go devices, and is especially aimed at people who use non-smart phones. This series will have two years of quarterly security patches.

The Nokia C20 has a front and rear camera with ‘flash’ in both cases, and a 6.5-inch screen with a 3,000 mAh battery with autonomy for the whole day. His The internal configuration is 2 + 32GB and will be sold in Spain for 132 euros also since May.

In the case of Nokia G series, the Android system uses the Android One version, with two years of system updates and three years of monthly security patches, plus an included screen protector.

The first device of this range in Spain is Nokia G10, with a Nordic design with metallic finishes and 5000 mAh battery Provides up to three days of autonomy. The fingerprint sensor is located on the side and a physical button is incorporated to activate the Google Assistant.

To this model is added Nokia G20, which improves some features with four rear cameras with 48MP main lens and 5,000 mAh battery.

Nokia G10 will be sold in Spain from 159 euros in its 4 + 64GB configuration, while the model The G20, also 4 + 64GB, will be priced at 179 euros.

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