Hisense 65 “TV with integrated Alexa at its lowest price

Complete Smart TV with integrated Alexa

The model on offer that we refer to is the Hisense H65B7500, a 65-inch TV with 4K resolution that incorporates the technologies Dolby Vision HDR and Wide Color Gamut They offer images with incredible contrast, vivid colors and a wide viewing angle to see any content with total clarity and sharpness from almost anywhere in the room.

In addition to the great image quality, this Hisense H65B7500 Smart TV has DTS Studio Sound to create a more immersive and immersive sound experience through its two speakers. A Smart TV with dimensions of 144.6 x 25.3 x 87.9 cm and a weight of 19.8 kg that has a very slim unibody design and ultra-thin bezels almost invisible. As you can see, this body rests on a metal base with a long and slim design.

Smart TV Hisense H65B7500 front

As we anticipated, it is a model that allows us talk to Alexa to control certain functions of the television, ask us to put our favorite content, play music, listen to the news, know the weather forecast or even control other devices in the home.

This Hisense H65B7500 features Vidaa u 3.0 operating system that offers a very fast start thanks to its quad-core processor and that allows us to enjoy and manage our applications quickly and easily. In the connectivity section, it must be said that in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, on the back we have an HDMI, Ethernet and USB port to connect all kinds of devices.

Offer for Hisense H65B7500 TV

A model whose official or recommended price is 799 euros, quite adjusted for the quality and benefits of this Hisense H65B7500 television, but now we can buy with more than 100 euros in savings. This makes it one of the 65-inch Smart TVs with one of the best value for money.

Smart TV Hisense H65B7500 front

Specifically, Amazon has applied almost 15% discount In this model that we can receive within a week at home, for free if we are Amazon Prime customers, and that we can also pay in four installments deferred although bearing some interest.

In this way, the final sale price is 689.90 euros, while if we choose to choose the deferred payment method, in the end we will have to pay a final price for this television of 707.79 euros in four installments of 176.79 euros for a maximum period of 90 days.

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