Hisense 4K Smart TV with big screen on sale for 120 euros less

The model we are talking about is the Hisense 50A7500F, which among other things has a 50-inch LED panel with a maximum frequency that reaches 60 Hz and which does not lack compatibility with all types of videos that have resolution up to 4K. This is a television that has different technologies to always achieve the best possible image quality, an example are Wide Color Gamut and Ultra Color Enhancer. Both optimize the amount and realism of the colors that are seen so this is a model that does not lack support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. By the way, this team also has Ultra Dimming, which very efficiently improves everything that has to do with contrast.

Hisense 50A7500F 4K Smart TV screen

So connectivity is something important to you, you should know that this TV correctly complies with everything that can be expected in this section. An example is that you have three HDMI ports which are combined with digital optical audio output; headphone jack; composite video input; two USB; and, even, it does not lack Ethernet. Additionally, you should know that it is not exempt from wireless options such as for example Bluetooth to connect different accessories and, in addition, you will also find Wifi to access the Internet. Come on, it has everything.

An offer that we think is irresistible

We say this because this Hisense 4K Smart TV right now has a 24% discount, which saves you € 120, which is one of the most notable amounts for a quality television that has a 50-inch screen. With the most contained dimensions taking into account the aforementioned, they remain in 704 x 1,112 x 250 mm With its two legs that it uses as a base, we leave the link that you have to use so that you do not miss this and where these moments have the addition of not having to pay anything for shipping costs.

Sound and other things of this Hisense 4K Smart TV

You will not find in the first case great bragging in this model, but it will not disappoint you either. We say this because the sound has quality stereo, as has two channels with a power each 10 W. This complies with what is expected of a current television, and it does not lack compatibility with some technologies that are interesting when it comes to offering the best quality in this section with both multimedia content and games. We talk about support for Dolby and DTS.

Rear of Hisense 50A7500F 4K Smart TV

It is important to comment that regarding the operating system, the integrated one is LIFE, a manufacturer’s own development. It is a correct platform that has a good number of applications, among which there is no shortage of streaming services such as YouTube or Netflix. Obviously it does not reach the levels of jobs such as Android TV, but for the vast majority of users it is more than enough. By the way, a nice final detail: this Hisense 4K Smart TV is compatible with Alexa.

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