Hisense 4K smart TV with big screen and Android at a great discount

The panel that this product uses is with LED backlighting, so its quality in principle is quite good. The dimensions of the screen in question is 58 inch, so there is more than enough space to enjoy both movies and series without missing anything and with a fairly high precision. In addition, it is important to comment that this is a model that offers compatibility with content HDR, so the range of colors that it is capable of handling is very wide. It should be noted that this device includes technology Ultra Dimming that makes it possible to adjust the television to the lighting conditions that exist in the place where you are.

Hisense 58AE7000 4K Smart TV front

It should be noted that the total power offered by this is Smart TV 4K is correct, since it reaches the 16 W, but it may be that in some moments if you are especially demanding you do not look down on using a high quality sound bar that improves the experience in this section. In any case, it should be noted that this television offers compatibility with technologies such as Dolby Audio Y DTS Surround so that the precision is pretty good. The fact is that in principle what we indicate is not dramatic in order to have a good user experience even with the games on the consoles.

Offer that is quite interesting

At this time you can take advantage of a quite striking discount to buy the Hisense 58AE7000 for only 429.99 euros, a quantity of the most interesting for a TV with a large screen and that has a proprietary operating system (called LIFE) which you can find clients for all streaming platforms that have a good number of users and that works quite well is what has to do with fluidity thanks to the fact that it takes advantage of a quad-core processor. We leave the purchase link on Amazon, which is where the promotion is, and where you do not have to pay anything if you are one of those who have a Prime account and that, obviously, this allows you to make an acquisition with total reliability.

Other good details of this 4K Smart TV

One of the first that we must comment so that you are clear that this model will convince you is that the included connectivity is good enough to be a more than correct solution for all kinds of needs. Thus, for example, it must be indicated that it includes ports USB to connect external drives and also has three HDMI that ensure that you won’t have to constantly fiddle around with cables to connect accessories. With other options such as digital optical audio output, when it comes to wireless options it is not lacking nor Bluetooth or WiFi (which comes with Ethernet, so that all Internet access options are available).

Hisense 58AE7000 4K Smart TV connections

With more than acceptable dimensions taking into account the size of the screen that this Hisense 58AE7000 has (they stay in 813 x 1293 x 226 mm), we want this to be a good purchase option now that it’s on sale to make the leap to good image quality combined with a pretty compelling design.

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