Hisense 4K Smart TV Compatible with Alexa Now at a Big Discount

For that reason we probed the best options and now, we have found a 55-inch Hisense ULED, compatible with Alexa and 4K, that also have an interesting discount. We are facing one of the best options of the moment, especially because this Smart TV is full of functions and technologies that will make us enjoy from the first start.

Hisense ULED 2020 55U71QF head-on

Cinema and series with great image quality

The Hisense ULED TV series is characterized by offering detailed, exquisite and realistic images thanks to the combination of backlight control and color management technologies with a set of highly advanced algorithms. The ULED label elevates overall image quality from the TV thanks to its authentic colors, bright contrasts and sharp movements. To improve the overall image quality, it also features “Full Array Local Dimming”, which increases contrast by controlling each area of ​​the backlight. This full-screen backlight management results in an optimized image with deeper blacks and brighter whites.

With a size of 55 inches, we will have a panel to spare to feel the home theater experience. This Hisense TV features 4K resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. In addition, it has AI technology that processes graphics faster and optimizes the image to get more realistic images. The algorithms analyze scene by scene and pixel by pixel, the engine breaks down, analyzes and individually adjusts each scene for its unique characteristics, ensuring a better image and clearer movement in all content.

Hisense ULED 2020 55U71QF and man watching TV

Sound is no less important

From the command itself, there is access to the Alexa assistant, to play music, check the weather, control the smart home and much more. Also, this Hisense Smart TV It has Game Mode, with an imput lag of only 16 ms and allowing to turn the TV into a video game console. Sound is also very important on any television and this model was not going to be less. It supports Dolby Atmos, which offers an immersive audio experience with much more realism as if we were in a movie theater.

Take advantage of the discount for this Hisense 4K

If you are thinking of changing TV and all of the above has convinced you, the final push may come when you know the price. Right now, we can buy this Hisense Smart TV for 709.99 euros. This represents a discount of 89.01 euros or what is the same, a discount of 11% on its usual price, set at 799 euros. What we do not know is how long the offer will be available, so it is preferable not to take long to think about it. In addition, Prime customers

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