High-quality, lightweight smartwatches

Lightweight and comfortable to wear smartwatches

When choosing a smartwatch now, it is essential to take into account the use that we are going to give. In this way, we can choose the one that best suits our needs. The budget we have is also important, since it will determine which models we have access to and which ones we do not.

Weight is an important piece of information

Now, there is another interesting fact that we must look at, especially if the watch is going to be used by a woman, adolescent or someone who is not used to wearing heavy watches. As you can imagine, we refer to weight of the smartwatch itself.

Luckily, today we can find a lot of models that allow us to wear them throughout the day without realizing that we are wearing them. Very comfortable models for sports and for everyday use. Next, we are going to show some of the lightest smartwatches that offer great functionality, models that weigh less than 40 grams.

Huawei Watch Fit

The Huawei Watch Fit is one of the most complete and lightest smartwatches, since it has a weight of only 21 grams. A smart watch with a 1.64-inch AMOLED screen that offers a range of up to 10 days of use. It has 96 sports modes, integrated GPS and is water resistant up to 5 ATM.

huawei watch fit

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

In the Samsung catalog we have the Galaxy Watch Active2, a complete smartwatch with a 40 mm diameter aluminum case. It allows monitoring of a lot of sports, is waterproof, has a 1.35-inch screen and Bluetooth, WiFi, A-GPS and NFC connectivity. A smartwatch that we can wear without us realizing it all day, since it weighs only 26 grams.

samsung galaxy watch active2

Fitbit Versa 3

This is another very complete smartwatch. It has integrated GPS, a heart rate sensor, a battery that gives it up to 6 days of autonomy and is also compatible with the Alexa voice assistant. A watch with which to be aware of all the notifications that reach our mobile on the wrist and without having to take the phone out of the pocket. In addition, we will not even realize that we are wearing it, since it weighs only 27.22 grams.

fitbit versa 3

Fitbit Sense

Also from the manufacturer Fitbit, we must highlight the Sense model as one of the lightest smartwatches. Among all its functions, it is worth mentioning that this model is capable of monitoring the heart rate, measuring the level of oxygen in the blood, stress level or quality of sleep. It has built-in GPS and is compatible with Alexa. Its weight is 30 grams.

fitbit sense

Amazfit Bip S Lite

This model from the Asian manufacturer has a weight of 31.18 grams. A model that offers a battery of nothing more and nothing less than up to 30 days of use with each charge and that is also waterproof, has a heart rate sensor and 14 sports modes. It is also capable of monitoring the quality of sleep and synchronizing with the mobile to receive all notifications on the watch itself.

amazfit bip s lite

Garmin Forerunner 45

As its name suggests, it is one of the smartwatches designed for the most sporty. Especially for those who like to go out regularly for a run. This Garmin Forerunner 45 has a heart rate sensor, integrated GPS and personalized training plans according to the goal. Its weight is only 32 grams so that we can carry it comfortably in our workouts.

garmin forerunner 45

Amazfit Bip U

Another lightweight model is the Amazfit Bip U. This smartwatch has a 1.43-inch screen and more than 60 sports modes. It has a heart rate sensor, is capable of measuring the level of oxygen saturation in the blood and is submersible up to 50 meters, which allows us to even record our activity in the water. It allows you to customize it with more than 50 available spheres and it has a weight of only 31 grams, so we can wear it throughout the day with total comfort.

amazfit bip U

Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite

How could it be otherwise, one of the most complete smartwatches at the best price and with a fairly light weight is the Xiaomi Mi Watch Lite. A model with integrated GPS, heart rate control, 11 training models, sleep monitoring and a 1.4-inch color screen. Its slim body and silicone strap make the total weight of the watch 35 grams.

xiaomi mi watch lite

Polar Ignite

The Polar Ignitie is a fitness smartwatch with integrated GPS and a very slim design that makes it very comfortable to wear all day. Its weight is 35 grams, although its appearance and robustness give the feeling that it is a heavier watch. However, we can wear it in our training sessions with total comfort. It has a heart rate sensor, sleep control, exercises that allow us to relax and reduce stress, etc. In addition, it has its own training guide with a multitude of plans and control of recovery time.

polar ignite

Garmin Forerunner 35

Last but not least, we have in this list of light smartwatches the Garmin Forerunner 35. A model that has a weight of 37.3 grams and that offers a complete physical activity monitor. It has integrated GPS, a heart rate monitor and smart notifications to be aware of everything that comes to us from the mobile but from the wrist.

garmin forerunner 35

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