High-quality AirPods headphones on sale with great discounts

The accessories we are talking about allow all of them to offer an excellent Liberty of movements, so they fit so much to use them at home as if you go out for a walk. In addition, to ensure the best possible user experience, one of the requirements to make the choice is that they have Noise Cancellation so that anything that exists around you does not bother you and you can always listen to your music with the best possible definition. By the way, the technology they use to receive the data is Bluetooth.

AirPods type earphone case

AirPods-type headphones on sale

Without further ado, we go on to show the purchase options that we think are the most interesting of all the models that are on sale right now. The quality what each of them offers is enough high, so surely these AirPods type headphones end up becoming an essential especially when you leave home. This is the choice we have made:

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

If there is something that there is no doubt about this model, it is that they have excellent sound quality thanks, among other things, to the fact that it has dynamic two-channel speakers, which is a life insurance. With an excellent autonomy 18 hours, its design is impeccable and you will not have any problem when answering calls. The discount that you can take advantage of is 4%.

Silver Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Bluetooth Headphones

Huawei FreeBuds 3i

This is one of the AirPods type headphones that you surely have in mind, since among other things they offer speakers that have 10 mm drivers and it does not lack the fast charging option because it uses a USB type C port. that right now the saving is 18% if you buy them and that this is a model compatible with True Wireless technology, which is always appreciated.

White Huawei FreeBuds Lite headphones

Sony WF-SP700N

Sound quality is not a problem for this Bluetooth technology model and it has great additions such as integrating a microphone, allowing control of playback through gestures and offering IPX4 water resistance. It is one of the options that has the greatest discount at this time, since we are talking about 24%, and it is one of the possibilities that are best adapted for sports lovers.

Sony WF-SP700 headphones cplor pink

JBL Sport Flash X

If what matters to you a lot is the autonomy that the accessory you are going to buy can offer, this is possibly the model you have to choose, since we are talking about a time that reaches 50 hours taking advantage of the battery in the case. With a good design and water resistant, the 28% discount that you can take advantage of right now to buy them is sure to be a reason that makes you think seriously.

JBL Sport Flash X Headphones

Philips T5505BK / 00

Altogether this is one of the AirPods type headphones on sale that you should always keep in mind for different reasons. The most important are very good sound quality; autonomy that meets perfectly; microphones that ensure high clarity conversations; and of course a 15% discount which is quite an opportunity. A great purchase choice.

Philips Headphones T5505BK / 00

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