High Power Panasonic Soundbar Today At Your Biggest Discount

The model we are talking about is one that only has one element, but despite this it is one of the market options that allows a sound 2.1, since this soundbar inside has a subwoofer. In other words, it is one of the options that is more than adequate for use with content such as movies or games that are run with the console. By the way, the finish offered by this accessory is of high quality and its black color fits in any room. If you wonder about its dimensions, the ones it has are the following: 12 x 96.2 x 5.6 cm. Quite contained, really.

Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK Black Soundbar

One of the virtues of this Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK 4K soundbar is that its total power clearly exceeds what is currently possible to achieve in televisions. It reaches the 160 W, so it is more than enough to be an option even in rooms of more than 50 square meters. The fact is that you will have no problem getting a very good experience, since it is even compatible with Dolby, so the location that is achieved is excellent.

A connectivity beyond all doubt

If one of the things that is important to you is that the accessory has extensive connection options, the Panasonic soundbar we are talking about is the one that fits what you need. This is because it does not lack Bluetooth so as not to have to use any cable from the sound source, such as Smart TVs and, also, smartphones. But, in addition to this, the model on offer has digital optical inputl of great compatibility and HDMI with ARC support so that this device can be controlled with the remote control of the TV.

Rear of sound bar Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK

Good deal for this Panasonic SC-HTB400EGK soundbar

The discount that exists in Amazon is from 17%, so we are talking about an effective saving that reaches 52.99 euros. This makes this soundbar with a built-in subwoofer an excellent purchase option… which also has the appeal of not having to pay anything for shipping in the case of having a Prime account. We leave the link that you have to use to take advantage of the offer we are talking about for a model that can be hung on the wall.

A couple of final details that are important to know about the accessory we are talking about is that due to the design it offers, it can be placed without problem under the tv, so it does not “steal” space in the living room furniture. Additionally, with a seven-degree tilt finish that allows the internal speakers to point upward, always offering maximum power and definition for the user (wherever it is placed).

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