High power Bose soundbar with a discount of 140 euros

The model we are talking about is the Bose Smart SoundBar 300, which is one of the most complete offered by this manufacturer that has been one of the best in the world of sound for many years. With very high power, it reaches nothing less than 65 W real (something that must be valued very seriously), it should be noted that this is a device that has a single element that includes all the speakers it uses. Its dimensions are 698.5 x 101.6 x 57.1 millimeters, so it can fit almost anywhere.

Black Bose Smart SoundBar 300 Soundbar

Another of the good details that this model has is the excellent connectivity it offers. To begin with, you have to indicate both with Bluetooth as with digital optical audio input, so we are talking about excellent compatibility. But all this is finished off with the option of being able to use HDMI (which supports ARC and 4K image quality) and Wifi. And what is the point of the latter? Simple, thanks to this option it is possible to access services such as Apple AirPlay 2 and Spotify Connect directly and without having to use a device in between, such as the telephone.

Good possibilities in this Bose soundbar

Apart from being able to hang it, it seemed if you do not want and having a black color that fits practically anywhere, it must be noted that it does not lack a remote control this product so that they can manage it from the armchair in a comfortable way and in this way establish the parameters you need to make it work (such as the connection from the sound capture, which can be from the television to a console). In addition, it should be noted that this is a device that offers compatibility with voice control, since natively integrates both the Google assistant and Alexa.

Side of the Bose Smart SoundBar 300

Take advantage of a great opportunity

Right now there is a 23% discount which you can access from home using both a computer or a mobile device. Thanks to what we say, the concrete saving is 140 euros for a sound bar that does not lack anything and that is more than recommended for televisions of 50 inches or more. Luckily the good news does not end here, since right now if you take advantage of the link that we leave behind this paragraph you will get not having to pay anything for shipping costs. Ideal, right?

For everything to be recommended in this Bose soundbar, it should be noted that the consumption you have is not excessive, since it does not exceed 100 W at maximum power, something that will not be exactly common to happen. With all that said, and taking into account that this is a model that has everything you need to fully enjoy movies and series (an example is compatibility with Dolby Digital and DTS), we believe that the investment in the case of making the purchase will surely amortize it.

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