Hey Spotify | Voice assistant that allows you to control the music


Did you know that the music platform has its own voice assistant called Hey Spotify that allows you to control it in hands-free mode

The voice assistants They have become a great tool for users, as they allow you to control various things without using your hands.

That is why Spotify launched his own service called Hey spotify. People will no longer have to turn to third-party tools to control by voice the music app.

At the moment only some users have available the voice assistant from Spotify, but it is not found for all models or for all countries. However, it will be available to users of ios and of Android.

Spotify library

According to the company, Hey spotify it will be active all the time, but the only data that will be collected will be each user’s search transcripts. The voice assistant from Spotify it is limited to searching and reproducing sounds without the need to use the hands.

This assistant has not yet been the subject of an official presentation. However, some users of the platform have received invitations to activate it.

The user will be able to invoke the assistant with the formula “Hey, Spotify”, the listening is finished when the assistant emits the message “Spotify is receiving your voice request”. People can request to play songs or playlists from the platform.

It should be remembered that currently Spotify can be controlled with voice assistants Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana.

According to The Verge Hey spotify it is a test because the company’s wish is that it can be used inside the car. This first automotive hardware from Spotify It’s called Car Thing and it will work via Bluetooth.

Hey spotify

How to activate voice search on Spotify?

If you are one of the lucky ones who have Hey spotifyYou should know that it only works with the application open and the screen on.

A microphone icon should appear in the search bar that you must press. If it is the first time, the app will request permission to use the microphone. After granting the authorization, you will be able to make immediate use of Spotify Voice.

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