Heroes of Might and Magic II 0.9.1 arrives with partial campaign support and more

The release of the new version of Heroes of Might and Magic II 0.9.1 has just been presented, in which one of the main novelties is the improvement for the SDL2 version, as well as the inclusion of a partial campaign support, among other changes.

For those unaware of Heroes of Might and Magic II, they should know what it is a turn-based tactical strategy game developed in 1996. The story of the title continues with the canonical ending of its predecessor, culminating in the victory of Lord Morglin Ironfist.

The game features two campaigns, one run by the opposition (which is canonical) and the other by royalty. The way the adventure progresses remains the same. The player must build a kingdom, continually upgrade it, obtain resources, train soldiers, and be prepared to stop an enemy attack. Likewise, the ultimate goal remains to find the opponent’s castle and conquer it.

The developers point out that the team lacks the designers that the project you need to fix the flaws in the animation of the original graphics.

Therefore, participation in brainstorming plans for the development of the expansion is also encouraged, to which the developers will move after they successfully recreate the original game.

Main new features of Heroes of Might and Magic II 0.9.1

In this new version presented it is highlighted that for the version SDL2, a flexible window mode setting has been added: now the game window can be stretched to the required size.

Another important change is that AI has gotten even smarter and more inventive, with which now the players will not be able to carry out their battles with an opponent so easily and without losses.

What’s more, the game has a view of the world map (Although this option still needs minor polish, but users can now get the information they need about the gaming environment).

As well it is mentioned that partial campaign support was added, where users can play the first missions for both factions. The developers comment that the project is still in development, so the full campaign will be available only closer to the release of the final version 1.0.

Finally, of the other changes that stand out of this new version:

  • Added a “Quick Battle” option so that players can instantly win simple battles.
  • Implementation of rapid mouse creature separation has been completed – now with just a few clicks you can instantly arrange troops however you like.
  • Over the last month, more than 50 bugs have been fixed and a significant amount of code has been rewritten to optimize, speed up the engine, and fix potential problems.

Finally, if you are interested in learning more about the release of this new version. You can check the details In the following link.

How to install Heroes of Might and Magic II on Ubuntu and derivatives?

For those who are interested in being able to install this game on their system, must have at least a demo version of the game Heroes of Might and Magic II to be able to play it.

To do this, just use one of the downloadable scripts offered to get the demo version of the original game.

Hence for Linux an explicit installation of SDL is required and for this it is enough with script / Linux according to the package of your operating system and execute the file




Then the script has to be executed found in / script


To be able to download the demo of the game that is needed for a minimum development.

Once this is done, just execute make in the root directory of the project. For SDL 2 compilation, the command has to be run before compiling the project.

export WITH_SDL2="ON"

The project code is written in C ++ and is distributed under the GPLv2 license. If you want to know more about the project or consult its source code, you can do it from the following link.

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