Henry Cavill is planning to be a new Disney prince

Thanks to his participation as Superman in the DC Universe, as well as The Witcher in the Netflix series; Henry cavill He has become one of the most loved and requested stars in Hollywood, with various job offers. But it seems that Henry is looking for one in particular; like a new prince from a Disney movie.

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Henry Cavill interview

These rumors arose thanks to the fact that it was confirmed that Henry cavill he could be in talks with Disney for a new project together, but until now it was unknown what it was about. At first it was believed that Henry intended to soon join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but today it is known that the 37-year-old actor is actually looking for a role in an upcoming Disney live-action film.

Prince Eric the Little Mermaid

Henry Cavill as Disney’s new prince

So far it is unknown what role he could play Henry cavill, considering that a large part of the classic Disney films already have their live-action version and princes such as Cinderella, Adam from Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and Felipe have already appeared on the big screen. Movies that you can enjoy as a family through Disney +. Hire it in your Telcel Max Play Plan or add it to your current plan! #All in the same place

On the other hand, there are still many other classics, not exactly princesses, which are being worked on for an upcoming live-action and where Henry cavill could participate. Can you imagine him as Milo from Atlantis or Hercules?

Hercules and Pegasus Disney

A final goodbye to Superman

On the other hand, the possible return of Henry cavill as Superman in the DC Universe is ruled out and the actor’s participation as Clark Kent culminated in the recent premiere of Justice League: The Snyder Cut. Now, Warner Bros and DC plan a reboot of the superhero, this time in the hands of director JJ Abrams where a new actor will take the Superman costume for new films.

Henry Cavill Snyder Cut Superman

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The latter implies that Henry cavill He is willing to take part in more projects, including the second season of The Witcher and something secret with Disney. But tell us, would you like to see him as a fairy tale prince?

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