Hearing aids would include physical activity tracking

AirPods Pro 2 Apple

Apple would already be working on the new generations of its hearing aids, however the AirPods Pro would arrive until next year

Manzana has won the public’s taste with the launch of its wireless headphones. Mark Gurman revealed that this year the third generation of AirPods. While the second generation of AirPods Pro they would arrive until next year.

The specialist highlighted that AirPods they will have a new design “a la AirPods Pro”. This means that they will adopt the shorter stem design, in addition to a new case.


Although there is still time for its launch, they are already talking about the characteristics that the AirPods Pro 2. It should be remembered that Original AirPods Pro were launched in October 2019.

The headphones they would have a total renovation, both in the design and in the basic audio specifications.

According to the Bloomberg media, the next generation of AirPods Pro would come with a new motion sensor that will be able to track fitness.

Although it is unknown how these tools would be included, they are new functions that can be very interesting for users.

Regarding the design of the apple headphones It is said that they will be smaller and would completely eliminate the lower part that protrudes from the ear.

AirPods Pro 2

That look will debut on Beats brand new wireless headphones, which will be announced next month.

“The update of its range of wireless headphones will strengthen the segment of wearables, home and accessories of the company. Which has grown rapidly to now represent more than 30,000 million dollars in annual revenues, exceeding 10% of total sales “

For the moment Manzana you wouldn’t find yourself working on a new generation of your AirPods Max, although it could launch a variation of its colors to offer its users more options.

A few weeks ago Mark Gurman announced that Manzana works on a device that combines a HomePod and Apple tv, designed to be able to make video calls thanks to its integrated camera.

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