Headphones with microphone and USB type C connector for mobile

This means that if we have some headphones at home, we cannot connect them with our phone, unless we buy an adapter for it. However, the best solution is to have some headphones with USB type C and thus we will not need any type of adapter.

When choosing a headphone model it is important to take into account certain details. One of them is undoubtedly what we have just mentioned, the type of connector. If our mobile has a USB type C port for charging and data transfer, then the ideal is to choose a model of headphones with this same type of connector.

Being wired models, another important piece of information is the length of the cable. The greater the length, the more freedom of movement it will offer us, although it can always be more uncomfortable due to possible tangles. Support is essential, therefore, it is advisable to check the design of the headphones, if they include silicone tips, the different sizes, etc. This also depends on the use that we are going to give them, it is not the same to use them while we are sitting on the sofa, as if we are going to use them for sports. Another important detail is that they include microphone, so we can use them to hold conversations in hands-free mode when we call or call us on the mobile.

Next, we are going to show an interesting compilation with some of the best USB type C headphones with microphone at the best price.

Cheap USB Type-C Headphones with Microphone

Xiaomi Mi ANC type C

USB type C headphones from the manufacturer Xiaomi with impedance of 32 Ohms and sensitivity 113 dB. They have a microphone to hold conversations in hands-free mode and an active noise cancellation system so that our calls are as clear and crisp as possible and that the noises around us do not interfere with the audio quality.

Headphones USB Type C xiaomi Mi ANC Type C

KLIM Fusion C

Heavy-duty USB C headphones with in-ear format and included microphone. They offer a great sound quality, similar to that of other models of a much higher price. They include volume control and have a memory foam that allows them to adapt to our ears with total perfection. The heads of these headphones are magnetized so that they are attached and we can leave them hanging around the neck to avoid the famous tangles.

KLIM Fusion C USB Type-C Headphones


USB Type-C headphones with built-in microphone that offer great compatibility with most smartphones. They have a premium design and a great fit so that we can wear them comfortably without dropping them even when doing sports. They are equipped with a chip that reduces the loss of sound transmission to offer a great sound quality.

Foncent Type-C Headphones


This model from TUBhanggai is a USB Type C in-Ear headphones with microphone and remote volume control. And it is that they have an integrated remote control to control the volume, music playback or answer voice calls. Microphone that also serves to block the noise around us. The length of the cable is 1.2 meters anti tangle and they have sweat resistance.

TUBganhai USB Type C Headphones


Headphones that offer excellent sound quality thanks to the chip with which they are equipped. USB Type C headphones with surround sound made with an anti-tangle cable and made of an aluminum alloy that makes them much more resistant to wear and corrosion. It has a microphone built into the cable itself and control to answer calls in hands-free mode.

Ymdei USB Type-C Headphones


Stylish and durable design headphones with USB Type-C that integrates microphone and controller in the cable itself. A cable that is made of TPE, a resistant and flexible material difficult to break and that avoids the famous tangles. The sound quality of these Gians headphones is quite good, lossless high resolution and a hi-fi digital stereo surround balance input.

Gians USB Type C Headphones


This model features a high-resolution smart chip to deliver lossless audio, immersive balance input, and dual-hole 4D sound effect. They have an ergonomic design so that they are comfortable to wear with a good grip and of course, they are USB type C headphones that integrate a microphone in the headphone cable itself.

RICLBE USB Type-C Headphones


USB Type-C headphones that offer HD stereo sound thanks to their smart coding chips that are capable of guaranteeing high-fidelity music. The design of the caps offers up to three sizes so that they can be perfectly adapted to anyone. It has a built-in microphone and volume control, allowing you to make hands-free calls.

VddSmm USB Type-C Headphones


USB Type-C wired headphones for immersive sound. They have a very deep bass diaphragm and noise cancellation function, which allows a much clearer sound when we speak through the microphone. The design is quite comfortable, as the earplugs are very soft to avoid any kind of fatigue with prolonged use.

USB Type-C ASHATA Headphones


At a very affordable price we find these USB type C headphones from Blukar. A model that offers dynamic stereo sound and has an ergonomic design that makes it very comfortable to wear for hours. The built-in microphone transmits your voice very efficiently for the smoothest possible conversation without noise or interference. They are made of material with great resistance to corrosion, which makes them very durable.

Blukar USB Type C Headphones

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