Have you felt that you fall when you sleep? This is why it happens!

There is no doubt that sleep is one of the greatest pleasures in life. However, although we are practically just resting, thousands of things happen in our body and brain at the same time. For that reason, most have dreaming that they fall and that out of nowhere the body reacts suddenly. Do you really know why it is?

Jon Snow awakening from the dead.  Mystery of why we dream that we fall when we sleep - Hello Telcel blog

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This phenomenon is scientifically known as “Sleep myoclonus” or “Hypnic jerk” and it is very common in people. In fact, it is estimated that at least 70% of the world’s population has ever experienced it. However, it is still a mystery why it happens, but there are several theories about it.

Why do we feel like we fall when we sleep?

Before sharing with you the three theories that could explain why we feel that we fall when sleeping or dreaming that something happens to us, you should know that this action does not represent any health risk. It is completely normal for it to occur.

The phenomenon of feeling that you fall when you sleep is called hypnic shaking - Blog Hola Telcel

Experts believe that hypnic jerking is due to a brain confusion, It sends the muscles that are relaxed when sleeping an alert signal, that is, to say that your body has probably already fallen asleep, but your brain believes that it is still awake and that it must be ready to react to any dangerous situation.

The second theory says that sleep myoclonus is a survival mechanism that has evolved in the human being over the centuries. This means that it is a primitive alert stimulus that helped our ancestors to verify if there was danger around them while they slept, for example, if they were well secured at the top of a tree.

Suddenly waking up when dreaming that you fall is a common phenomenon in people when sleeping - Blog Hola Telcel

But the leading theory according to science is that hypnic jerking occurs at a specific stage of sleep in which your body reaches such deep relaxation That could lead to bodily paralysis, so the brain makes it react quickly.

What can cause a sleep myoclonus or hypnic jerk?

Although this phenomenon is very common in a large part of the population and occurs sporadically, there are those who believe that it can be caused due to certain situations. For example, if a person is very stressed, consumes too much caffeine, is very exhausted or their sleep hours are not enough in the day.

Drinking too much caffeine can cause a hypnic jolt - Hola Telcel blog

That is why it is important to have a good sleep routine and avoid insomnia at all costs. If you suffer from this, remember that you can rely on technology to avoid it, making use of apps such as Sleep cycle or Sleep as Android, available on Google Play, which monitor your sleep while you sleep and provide you with tools so you can easily reconcile it.

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Sleep as Android, app to fall asleep and monitor when you sleep - Hola Telcel blog
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Now you know, the next time you are dreaming that you fall and wake up with a jump, you will know that it is a hypnic jerk and that your brain is probably confused. So don’t worry, go back to sleep and try to rest.

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When was the last time you felt like you fell when sleeping? Did you have any idea that it was a sleep myoclonus? 😴

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