Hashtag Day: Twitter reveals new emoji and hottest trends

On August 23, the birth of a tool that was released on Twitter fourteen years ago is celebrated: the Hashtag. Since its launch, it has been a key element in identifying what is happening in the world, making social movements visible and, why not, in making requests in the hope that it will reach the right person – such as releasing the trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home-.

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To celebrate the birthday of this tool, Twitter launched a new emoji, which all users can enjoy throughout the day using the hashtag #HashtagDay. In addition, it also revealed the most successful trends by country.

Hashtag Day this 2021 and the way Twitter celebrates it - Blog Hola Telcel

The hashtags most successful Twitter accounts in Mexico

Above trends related to the pandemic or any other global circumstance, issues related to the k-pop were the winners in this count that runs from January 1 to June 30, 2021.

The hashtag that was crowned the most successful of Twitter with the highest number of users using it was #iHeartAwards. It makes a lot of sense if we consider that the ten most popular in Mexico were related to the k-pop and in this event BTS took the award for ‘Best army of fans’. The fans of the band were extremely excited and reached 187 million tweets using the hashtag.

BTS dominated Twitter with the most used hashtag in 2021 - Blog Hola Telcel

BTS and the hashtags most successful:

2. #BTS 150,747,090
3. WhatsHappeningInMyanmar 142,043,264
4. #BestFanArmy 110,461,620
5. # 質問 箱 102,545,847
6. # 방탄 소년단 99,755,564
7. # BBB21 95,120,525
8. #BTSArmy 79,414,262
9. # 匿名 質問 募集 中 75,752,448
10. #EXO 66,262,397

The creator of the hashtag celebrates the anniversary of his invention

Although most of the congratulations go to Twitter, some users also recognized the work of the graphic designer who invented it: Chris Messina.

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The designer who founded the hashtag celebrated the fourteenth anniversary of this tool by sharing the proposal it presented to Twitter before becoming what it is today.


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Now tell us, did you use any of the hashtag from k-pop most used so far this year?

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