Hans Zimmer brings Netflix’s new ‘tum tum’ to life for theaters

The famous ‘tum tum’ (also known as TUDUM) that we hear at the beginning of Netflix original movies and series has been renewed by one of the most important composers in the history of cinema, Hans Zimmer!

Netflix changes its iconic entrance TUDUM in collaboration with Hans Zimmer - Blog Hola Telcel

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But do not worry, the colored lines that will accompany the “N” will not change, the only thing that is modified is that now these lines will be accompanied by a new single. An orchestral composition that begins with a soft melody and ends with the usual emblematic ‘tum tum’.

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Hans Zimmer renews Netflix's TUDUM for movie premieres - Blog Hola TelcelWhere does Netflix’s famous ‘tum tum’ come from?

Since 2015, this introduction exists and is due to the second season of House of Cards. Thanks to the renowned series, Netflix was inspired to create its own welcome, but how did it come about?

In the final scene of season 2 of House of Cards, Frank Underwood gives the table two knocks: it is exactly the same sound that Netflix used for its entrance. Have you noticed it?

Who is Hans Zimmer?

Hans Zimmer is a German composer who has devoted much of his career to creating soundtracks for recognized films, some of them have been large productions such as The origin and Interstellar, as well as cinematographic sagas among which are several films belonging to the Dc universe.

Zimmer also contributed to one of the platform’s biggest hits: The Crown, Netflix original series that chronicles the life of Queen Elizabeth II, as well as the great mysteries about the British crown.

Why did Netflix decide to change its introduction?

The platform needed to have something more extensive and epic for its next releases that will hit theaters around the world. For that reason, the platform came with the best, the king of the soundtracks, to give that resonating ‘tum tum’ a cinematic touch.

Tanya Kumar, head of Netflix’s design team, said in an interview that the score is of such simplicity and elegance that it is perfect for representing the company in the world of cinema.

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What do you think of the new Netflix intro? Be patient because you will be able to hear it soon at the cinema. Meanwhile, do not stop knowing everything about Tudum, Netflix’s special event where the great surprises and premieres that are to come will be revealed.

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