Hackers manage to hack into the iPhone 13 Pro operating system

iPhone 13 Pro

During the Tianfu Cup, Chinese hacker managed to bypass the security of the iOS 15.0.2 operating system of the iPhone 13 Pro

In September Manzana launched its new range of phones which includes its iPhone 13 Pro. One of its characteristics is security it offers, however it seems that it may be hacked.

During the Tianfu Cup Chinese hackers managed to circumvent the security of the iOS 15.0.2 operating system. It is a competition of hackers in which they demonstrate their skills.


Chinese media reported that the hackers demonstrated all their skill and managed to penetrate the security of the iPhone 13 Pro.

Reports highlight that in 15 seconds a team of hackers from Kunlun Lab hacked the new OS Mobile Manzana.

Thanks to an exploit (direct attack on a vulnerability in iOS 15), hackers were able to alter Safari’s code remotely.

Hackers are estimated to have studied the system for months to breach security in that time.

“A hack in record time that reveals security flaws in Apple’s new software”

However, the award went to Team Pangu who triggered a ‘jailbreak’ (complete release of Apple’s mobile operating system) 100 percent remotely and with full patches of iOS 15.


In other words, it was achieved that the iPhone 13 Pro had new features that are limited by Manzana.

It should be remembered that it is a legal procedure since hackers do not receive another royalty other than the price of the contest.

“Each one of the security flaws that are revealed during the hacking processes are analyzed and delivered to Apple so that the company can review these exploits and in this way can configure patches that cover these vulnerabilities”

In this way Manzana may assess security of their devices and, if necessary, release a new update that corrects their vulnerabilities.

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