Guide shoe for the blind

Guide shoe

They create a guide shoe that helps blind people to have greater mobility, they have a camera and an artificial intelligence system

The Austrian company Tec-Innovation developed a guide shoe for the blind people or with any visual impairment. They are about InnoMake, which have a camera and an artificial intelligence system.

Its creators emphasize that thanks to their ultrasonic sensors the device helps people to have greater mobility.

“The ultrasonic sensors on the toe of the shoe detect obstacles up to four meters away (…). That works very well and is also a great help for me personally, ”said Markus Raffer, founder of Tec-Innovation.

How does the guide shoe work?

The guide shoe has a system of ultrasonic sensors that detect obstacles up to four meters away. In this way, the user will receive vibration and sound signals when he is near an object, animal or person.

Guide shoe for blind people

Its creators plan to add an image recognition system with artificial intelligence, who is able to describe and seek solutions to the obstacle.

“Not only is the warning that I am facing an obstacle relevant, but also the information about what obstacle I am facing. Because it is very different if it is a wall, a car or a ladder »

Through a statement it was revealed that they are working to “integrate a camera and a processor capable of determining the type of obstacle, its location and the direction to take to avoid it.”

Operation guide shoe

It is also thought of converting the guide shoe in a kind of map for the others blind people.

“We plan to bring together the information collected by shoe users to create a ‘Street View’ type of navigation map, which is very useful for all other visually impaired people,” said Markus.

The first models of the guide shoe they are already for sale online. But it is expected that in the next designs more technology for the mobility of the blind people.

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