GTK 4.0

4 × 4. 4 years of development for v4 of what was released yesterday, something important for many operating systems and apps, especially for the Linux world. And it is that for a few hours it is already available GTK 4.0, something they told us about last year mentioning some of their news. It is easy to guess that this version, including the number change, will be a very important update with notable new features and will be better, especially in GNOME.

And speaking of the desktop, it is also important to mention that GNOME will make the leap from GNOME 3.38 to GNOME 40 precisely so that there is no confusion with GTK 4.0, which we remember are tools used to create graphical user interfaces. Before it was known as GTK +, but they ended up eliminating the plus symbol. Here are some of the news that the launch includes, which is now official.

Some new features of GTK 4.0

  • Multimedia playback.
  • Support for drag and drop items.
  • Managers of layers and transformations.
  • Scalable grids and lists.
  • Support for shaders.
  • Event handlers.
  • Render nodes.
  • Improvements in data transfer.
  • Accessibility improvements.

If you want more details, it’s all in the release note, from where we have taken the header image of this article. The previous page is worth visiting as there are more screenshots and even videos on how some of their work works. new functions, such as multimedia playback.

On the other hand, the team assures that they will continue to update GTK 3 to continue correcting bugs, but GTK 2 has reached the end of its life cycle. They will release a final v2.x in the next few days, the last one, at which point developers will have to make the jump to GTK v3 or v4.

Users or developers interested in installing GTK 4.0 can do so downloading your tarball (code) from this link.