Great savings on the Olsson Zebra electric patiente reduced by 20%

The first thing to note about this model is that it is equipped with a very powerful 500W motor. Therefore, we will not have a route that resists us, since it allows us to climb large slopes without any problem. To make our trip as comfortable as possible, it has 8.5-inch inflatable shock-absorbing tires, which also offer good grip.

Incredible power and great security

However, despite its incredible torque, the Olsson Zebra scooter is limited to one 25 km / h top speed. It is made of aluminum and has a folding frame to be able to transport or store the electric scooter comfortably anywhere. Specifically, it is an innovative double closure system in the folding that prevents vibrations while driving and that makes it possible to take it to the office or store it in the trunk of the car. olsson zebra side scooter

To feel safe on top of this powerful electric scooter, the Olsson Zebra is equipped with a dual braking system composed of felectric reno eABS front and rear disc brake anti-blocking. Both brakes are operated with the same hand lever, although the system first activates the electric brake and then the disc brake. In this way, we can reduce the braking distance to the maximum.

On the handlebar we find a display or screen that gives us access to the most relevant information about the scooter, range, speed, distance and driving mode. This Olsson Zebra allows you to choose between the ECO mode for slower and less demanding journeys and the SPORT mode, which allows you to get the most out of the scooter. It is also possible to view this information from the app on the mobile, since it has its own app and the possibility of connecting the scooter with our phone via Bluetooth.

Big Discount on the Olsson Zebra Electric Scooter

The price of this electric scooter is 448.99 euros, but now it is possible to get it at Pc Components with a very attractive offer. The popular store has applied a 20% discount to this model, Olsson Zebra, which represents a significant saving and leaves the final price on offer for this electric scooter in only 354.99 euros. Without a doubt, one of the most powerful scooters at this price.

olsson zebra front scooter

Therefore, we can save almost 95 euros in the purchase of this model that also includes the costs of free shipping. The delivery time is only one business day, so in a matter of hours we can start enjoying the scooter in our daily trips to work, study, etc.

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