Great savings of 180 euros on eBay for the Apple Watch Nike Series 5

Hot deal for Apple Watch Nike Series 5

Luckily, it is now possible to achieve this with a incredible discount of 180 euros, so if you are interested in this model, you should not miss the opportunity to get it at this fantastic price. Recall that the Apple Watch Nike Series 5 has an official price of 579 euros for the version with 44mm aluminum case and Cellular functionHowever, it is now possible to get it on eBay at a 31% discount.

apple watch nike series 5 lateral

This means incredible savings when buying this sports version of the Apple Watch, which also includes free shipping and a very fast delivery time. Specifically, between 2 and 4 days we will have to wait to receive the watch in our house and start enjoying it. As the seller himself indicates, it is a completely new item, unused, although it has the box open.

Complete sports smartwatch

This model in question is made of aluminum and has a very sporty design, as it is signed by Nike. Its strap is made of perforated silicone to ensure greater breathability when we go out to do sports and sweat, it offers a comfortable and secure closure and is a great model for all kinds of sports.

It should be noted that the Apple Watch Nike Series 5 has Integrated GPS, is that it is a smartwatch resistant to sweat and water, being able to submerge with it up to 50 meters deep. It also has a lot of sensors like altimeter, gyroscope or heart rate sensor.

apple watch nike series 5 front

As we already anticipated, this version has a 44 mm case where a retina display with a very high brightness that allows us to see the information displayed on the screen even in bright sunlight and that we can always have on. Inside it is equipped with a high-power processor that offers great clock performance.

In addition, being the Cellular version, we can use the watch as a wrist mobile, since it allows us to send and receive calls, messages or use all kinds of apps or Internet connection without having to carry the iPhone with us. Therefore, we can answer or make an urgent call while we are running, swimming or cycling, as well as use WhatsApp, use the mail, listen to podcasts, music or receive notifications on the watch itself, without having to have the mobile nearby. It is important to know that for perfect operation, this Apple Watch Nike Series 5 requires that we have an iPhone 6s or later with operating system iOS 13 or later.

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