Great offer for the Cecotec Bongo Series A electric scooter

Thinking about sustainable modes of transport is something that is increasingly being taken into consideration. Electric vehicles are called to be the future. The so-called electric scooters or scooters are revolutionizing the way we move and granting access to sustainable mobility to a large number of people. The offer of the day comes from the Cecotec Bongo Serie A, a powerful electric skate whose price falls temporarily, so it becomes one of the best options at this time.

Cecotec Bongo Series A Electric Scooter

An electric skate to match

If we must lose something to an electric scooter, it is power, reliability and autonomy, as the main axes to take into account. We find all this in the Cecotec Bongo Serie A. The first thing we see is that it has a powerful engine with a nominal power of 350W and maximum of up to 700W. If we translate it in terms of usability, it is clear that we will not have problems climbing slopes with great unevenness or moving through difficult terrain

The skate can reach a speed of up to 25km / h and optimize the battery selecting the cruise speed option. It also has three modes of circulation: eco for safe handling with battery saving; ideal comfort to obtain the best performance with optimal battery consumption and sport, to achieve maximum power and maximum speed.

electric skateboard and riding man

Safety is also important, which is why the Cecotec Bongo Series A has a triple safety braking system, combining a disc brake, electric and manual brake at the rear. Furthermore, integra 8.5 ‚ÄĚtubeless tires that provide greater security and grip due to lower air pressure, and greater comfort, by filtering more vibrations. The range of the skate is approximately 25 kilometers and it can charge its battery in about four or five hours to get it going again.

Cecotec Electric Scooter Bongo Serie A 01

With great discount on Amazon

The offer that has brought us here tells us that at this time, we can buy the Cecotec Bongo Serie A for only 275.30 euros on Amazon. This means that we are facing a reduction of almost 54 euros compared to its usual price, set at 329 euros. In addition, shipping is free for Amazon Prime customers, who can also select installment payment for this skate. With this modality (prior approval) payments of 28.74 euros can be made in 10 months. What we do not know is how long the offer will be available, so it is advisable not to take long to think about it, before finding it again at its usual cost.

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