Great offer for a sports Polar smartband with a saving of 52 euros

The exact model we are talking about is the Polar A370, an accessory finished in silicone which ensures that it does not degrade easily even when you bathe with it, and in the case of the specific model that is on sale is the black. One of the things that stand out about this model is that it includes a color screen where you can see the information with a more than acceptable quality even when you are outdoors and the light is very intense. A good detail about this component is that its resolution is 80 x 160 pixels, so numbers and letters can be seen quite accurately.

Polar A370 display

It should be noted in a concrete way that this Polar smartband is a model that perfectly complies with regard to autonomy, since with a battery charge of 110 mAh it provides up to four days of use without any restriction in relation to the aforementioned lighting and following the physical activity you do. In this last section that we have mentioned, the inclusion of a large number of sensors, such as accelerometer and the rhythm itself, is striking. cardiac, which allow you to accurately acquire the sports you do. You will even be able to know both the calories you burn and the distance you have run (pedometer function), something that is achieved quite accurately.

The offer that you should not miss

If you seriously value the purchase of this wearable accessory, you should know that right now you only have to pay 85 euros to buy it, so the discount existing in the eBay store is from 35%. Therefore, this smart bracelet becomes one of the most interesting that you can buy right now due to its excellent quality and high precision (since you hardly notice that you are wearing it, since this product weighs less than 32 grams). We leave the link that you have to use to make the purchase if you do not want to miss the promotion that we have indicated and where right now you do not have to pay anything for shipping costs. A nice added bonus.

Good options in the Polar smartband

To start you should know that its compatibility with the different phones on the market is excellent, since when using technology Bluetooth You will have no problem using it both with devices that use Android as they do with Apple’s iOS. In addition, the management application for free. To all that has been indicated so far, we must add that with this smart bracelet you will be able to manage the notifications that you get on the phone how to know exactly the sleep quality on a daily basis, something that can be important to many users.

Heart sensor of a Polar smartband

Without missing them waterproof that allows you to swim in the pool but some (and therefore does not affect sweat when you go for a run), a detail that draws the attention of the Polar A370 is that it can be used as a personal trainer includes the function Running Index Running Program that establishes a calendar that you must follow to achieve the objectives that you set for yourself.

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