Great discount to buy the Samsung Galaxy Fit2 in Worten

This is a smartband that competes from you to you with any wearable accessory of this type that currently exists for sale, and one of the great reasons it uses for this has to do with the autonomy it offers. Nothing less than 21 days is what you can use this device without having to resort to a plug, as long as you have its 159 mAh battery 100% charged. The fact is that here you have very few rivals that they are able to offer a figure close to what we have indicated.

Samsung Galaxy Fit2 bracelet screen

With a quite interesting finish in which there is no lack of a silicone strap that ensures high durability, it should be noted that the screen that is included in this Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is type AMOLED, which is a synonym for high quality both indoors and outdoors – no matter how bright it is. The dimensions of this component are 1, 1 inch, more than enough space to be able to see a large amount of information such as the time as if it were a clock and also the number of steps you have taken during the day.

Good discount for the Samsung Galaxy Fit2

At the moment there is a very good promotion that you can take advantage of in Worten if I use this paragraph. In it you can save you 24% With respect to the price that you would normally have to pay in the aforementioned store, so you can take this wearable for only 34.99 euros. When it comes to shipping costs, there is also good news since they are quite low and stay at € 3.99. Therefore, we think this is a very good opportunity for an accessory that weighs only 21 grams… You will hardly notice that you are wearing it!

A bracelet that is very complete

Some examples, of what we say is that for example you will not have any problem with water if you are wearing this Samsung Galaxy Fit2. Thanks to the fact that it offers a resistance of 5 atmospheres, you can shower or wash your hands with this accessory on without taking any risk (and sweat is not a problem either). To this we must add that despite the small dimensions of this accessory, inside there is a good number of sensors They ensure that all kinds of good functions perform them: gyroscope; accelerometer; and the heart rate itself are a clear example of what we say.

Optical sensor of the Samsung Galaxy Fit2

With good chances in what has to do with the recognition of physical activityWithout going any further, it is capable of automatically detecting different routines such as walking or cycling, it also includes other functions such as keeping a sleep record and thus knowing if the quality is adequate. Finally, it should be noted that the compatibility offered by this smart bracelet with a screen is good enough so that you do not consider at any time if you can use it or not, since you can synchronize it with both devices ios like those that use the operating system Android.

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