Great discount for the Xiaomi Redmi Watch smartwatch

Having a smartwatch on our wrist does not mean a large outlay. Not at least if we bet on any of the brands that They offer them at a low-cost price, as is the case with Xiaomi. The Redmi Watch is part of the ecosystem of this Xiaomi sub-brand, which in addition to smartphones has a whole series of smart products like the one at hand.

Xiaomi Redmi Watch smartwatch screen

A smartwatch to match

The Redme Watch stands out for having all the main functions that we can ask from a smartwatch with a good quality / price ratio. Its design resembles, saving the distances, the Apple Watch, with a square style, different colors for the strap and a button to activate functions on the side. This smartwatch has a 1.4-inch color LCD screen, which offers a pixel density of 323 dpi with HD resolution. It is more than enough to see the entire interface of the watch with sufficient quality. In addition, it has automatic brightness and its glass has a 2.5D curved finish.

Something that many smartwatch users look for is that the product is light enough not to disturb. In this case, the Redmi Watch only weighs 35 grams, so it is very light both for sports, and if we want to wear it while we sleep so that it can measure our sleep quality. This smartwatch promises 7 days of autonomy, thanks to its 230 mAh battery. However, it has a battery saving mode that can stretch this autonomy up to 12 days. Another of its strengths are the seven sports modes it offers: running outdoors, running indoors, cycling outdoors, cycling indoors, walking, swimming in the pool and free activity.

Using the Xiaomi Redmi Watch smartwatch

Nor does the resistance to water fail thanks to its 5ATM protection and heart rate sensor. It is also a very customizable watch, since it has more than 100 watch faces, in addition to those created by the community and that we can try to modify the style, almost every day.

A price not to think about it

As we say, it is not necessary to make a large outlay to have the Redmi Watch on our wrist. But even less if We find it at only 53.88 euros, which is the price it has on Gearbest at the moment. We are facing a 25% discount, which is applicable to both the black and blue colors of your bracelet. In that case we cannot say that we are facing a flash offer (which has a beginning and an end), since it appears at this price but could disappear at any time. For that reason, if you are thinking of releasing a quality smartwatch, this may be the best time.

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