Great discount for the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 4C smartband

We may or may not be athletes, but just by going for a walk, the Mi Smart Band 4C will already be doing its job. Like any smartband worth its salt, it allows us to control all our physical activity and will give us accurate results on our progress. This option from Xiaomi is very economical, but whether for us or to make a gift, the price at which we find it today is not to think about it.

A complete smartband

We are facing an activity bracelet that we can control from your 1.08-inch screen and that offers vivid images. This is thanks to the fact that its TFT screen offers an adjustable brightness that allows you to view the contents just by lifting your wrist. A light tap will be enough to turn it off again. How could it be otherwise, the Mi Smart Band 4C allows us to be aware of important notifications, with real-time alerts from incoming calls, text messages, social media and other app notifications. We will also have the weather forecast and air quality on our wrist. We can also configure the alarms so that your reminders are up to date when we make plans.

xiaomi mi band 4c sideways

Health is the cornerstone of the work of this bracelet. Can monitor heart rate 24 hours a day thanks to its high precision infrared sensor. All data, along with daily sleep monitoring and analysis data can be easily viewed through the Xiaomi Wear app. The bracelet will also encourage us to move when we are sitting too long.

Several sports modes and a lot of autonomy

As for his sports modes, he admits five specialized modes and precise monitoring, so that we can access real-time activity data, such as heart rate and speed. The supported modes are:

  • Running outdoors
  • Exercise
  • Cycling
  • Running on treadmill
  • Quick hike

The battery is another important point when buying a smartband, and with this Mi Smart Band 4C we will have no problems. It has a extra long duration of 14 days and its charging is done by means of a quick USB unhook. This means that we can load it in any USB port including the ports of a computer.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4C on the wrist

Buy it at a breaking price

The best comes last, as the Mi Band 4C smart bracelet is heavily discounted right now, and it can be ours for only 12.90 euros. The offer is valid for the black version. If you have decided to buy it, you should not be scared when entering the ad, where you will see “Redmi Band”. It is another of the names that this bracelet has and that in our market is known as My Smart Band 4C. When it reaches your hands and you synchronize it via Bluetooth, the language will automatically change to the one you have on your mobile, just like with the other Xiaomi Mi Bands.

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