Great discount for the Xiaomi Mi Car in the Amazon online store

This is an accessory that has a utility that is beyond any doubt, since practically all the phones that are compatible with the option of recharging their battery without having to use any cable are compatible. The reason for this is that the device we are talking about uses qi technology, which has practically become the standard that is currently integrated by the vast majority of companies that manufacture smartphones. By the way, when it comes to its design and installation, you will not find the slightest problem. In the first case the color finish black Fits to share dashboard, while the integrated dock touch it is the air outlet grilles, so it can be said that this is a universal model.

Xiaomi Mi Car charger in black color

Another thing to keep in mind is that the connection USB that uses this Xiaomi Mi Car is type C, which is the most current that exists and therefore you will not have a problem being able to use the cable that comes with the phone you have. Of course, in order to carry out this process you must have an adapter for the lighter that allows you to draw energy from this element that you will find in practically all current cars. We also have to talk about the compatibility it offers with telephones, and that it is really wide, since you will not have any difficulty in using any device that has a maximum width of 81.5 millimeters.

A big discount now on Amazon

If this advice is exactly what you were looking for, right now in the aforementioned online store you can enjoy a 15% discount, which allows you to pay less than 30 euros to have it at home. In addition, if you are one of those who have a Prime account, you will not have to add anything for shipping costs and you will receive the product the day after making the purchase. We leave you the link that you have to use to get this accessory for the car that has a weight of 293 grams so the vast majority of the vents in which you are going to have to place it will withstand its use without problem.

Good working power of the Xiaomi Mi Car

Here this complete wireless charger will surely convince you, since the maximum power that it is capable of using with the coils that are inside reaches the 20 W, so it provides service without any problem to all the terminals on the market, including the high-end ones. It is important to know that, in the event that you have a phone that does not allow the power indicated above, you should not worry about anything, since this device includes modulation technologies that are activated automatically detecting what is best at each moment and for each terminal.

Side of the Xiaomi Mi Car charger

Other things that you should keep in mind about this device is that it also has developments that allow it protect from high temperatures to smartphones, something that is important, since wireless processes sometimes heat up more than recommended. With a simple adjustment system due to the fact that it includes two side arms, the offer for the Xiaomi Mi Car is good enough so that you do not miss this opportunity.

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