Great deal for the 65-inch Smart TV LG 65UP78006LB

Not so long ago, having a 65-inch screen at home was synonymous with an outlay well above 1,000 euros. Luckily, now it won’t even take 800 to have it in our living room or bedroom, the pantallion that we always wanted to have.

LG 65UP78006LB

Perfect picture and sound

Specifically, we are talking about LG model 65UP78006LB, which has a large number of technologies to make your image and sound a home theater experience. It should be noted that this TV is compatible with a large number of HDR formats such as: HDR: HDR10, HDR HLG and HDR GiG. This means that we can see lots of content with the ideal color tone as conceived by each director. Blacks will appear deeper than ever, while highlights will be displayed with great realism.

LG also boasts that this model has a powerful game optimizer, thanks to well calibrated HDR graphics and low latency. This translates into a faster, smoother and more immersive pace of the game. The sound does not fall short on this screen either, thanks to the AI ​​Sound and Virtual Surround Sound processor. That allows us to have a 360 degree surround sound without the need to connect an external sound system. However, if we want to do it, the TV has Bluetooth connectivity to be able to connect Bluetooth audio devices such as a 2.1 stereo or a sound bar.

LG 65UP78006LB

This TV does not lack all the content that we expect in applications such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Apple TV. But it also integrates for free the LG Channels, with XUMO technology, which offers free access to full movies and the 50 most popular channels of today on the Internet, TV and much more. This display offers Low Input Lag and a fast 1ms response time, perfect for plugging in the console and gaming for hours. The good news is that is compatible with Google and Amazon Alexa virtual assistants. That means that we can give voice commands to the TV such as changing the channel or putting a certain content without using the remote control.

At a price not to think about

If we want to buy this television at its usual price, we will have to pay 930 euros. However, right now it is one of the star TVs on offer at Carrefour, and it can be ours for only 799 euros. But there is another good news, and it is that it comes as a gift with an LG XBOOM bluetooth speaker.

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