Great deal for Apple AirPods headphones now for only € 128.99

At the design level, there is little to say about the most popular headphones, and that is that everyone already knows very well what they are. Its ergonomic design means that we can wear them throughout the day in total comfort and the high quality of its materials is also obvious.

Design and quality

In terms of functionality and features, it should be noted that simply by removing them from the case, they will be automatically synchronized with our iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad or Mac. They are configured with a simple touch, they are activated automatically and are always connected. In addition, they are able to detect if we are wearing them or stop reproduction if we take them off.

apple airpods headphones

Apple AirPods offer the ability to enjoy uninterrupted playback for 5 hours or in talk mode for 3 hours on a single charge. Now, thanks to the battery that the case has, it is possible to recharge them when we are not using them and enjoy a use of up to 24 hours in total. However, if at any time we need to make use of them and we have almost no battery, thanks to their fast charge It is possible to achieve 3 hours of autonomy with only 15 minutes charging.

The chip in charge of driving these headphones is none other than the Apple H1, capable of distributing the sound perfectly whether we wear a headset or both positions. To do this, Apple AirPods are equipped with optical sensors and movement accelerometers that allow us to detect if we are wearing them or have taken them off.

The integrated microphone allows us to answer calls received on the iPhone in hands-free mode, but it also offers us the possibility of interacting with the Siri assistant. A simple voice command “Hey siri”Will make the assistant available to us, although we can also activate the assistant with two taps on the headset.

Save 50 euros on Apple AirPods headphones

The official price for Apple AirPods is 179 euros, but thanks to the offer that we find at the moment in Pc Components, we can save up to 27% on your purchase. The final sale price for the headphones is 128.99 euros with free shipping, which represents a saving of 50 euros.

apple airpods case

This is an in-stock product with immediate shipping and delivery in just one business day, so you can place your order now and have the Apple AirPods delivered to your home tomorrow.

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