Google will remove images of minors from its search results

google minors

New Google function will allow you to remove photos with children under 18 years of age from search results

To increase the protection of minors, Google announced a new feature that will allow you to remove from your Search results images of children and adolescents.

Those under 18 years of age, parents or guardians may request from the technology giant delete certain images where they appear and that they consider to be harmful or inappropriate for public circulation.

With this new service, Google seeks to offer users a more secure experience. Since the minors will be able to protect your fingerprint and in this way prevent it from appearing in Search results.

“These images will not appear in the Images tab or as thumbnails in any Google Search feature.”


The tech giant revealed that non-explicit images of children and adolescents may be removed from search results. If a request is received from your parents or guardians.

Google It had already announced this measure in August, but now it is making it available to the public. For the photographs to be removed, they must not be of public or journalistic interest.

Those interested should “provide the URLs of the images (not the website where it appears) that they want to be removed from the search results. In addition to the name and age of the minor, and the name and relationship of the person who could be acting on their behalf ”.

Even though the company promised to remove from its Search results images of minors, he announced that he will not be able to do so from the websites where they are hosted.

For this option Google recommends contacting the developer or ‘webmaster’ of that page and he would proceed to delete the content.

How to remove images of minors from Google?

So that Google consider removing from your Search results images of minors You must meet certain requirements that are detailed in Google Search.

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Among them, it is worth mentioning that a person under 18 years of age must be identifiable in the image. And at the time of the request, he is still a minor.

“That means that if a user finds an inappropriate image of him on the internet in which he appears to be under 18 years of age. But when you see it, if you are of legal age, you cannot request that it be deleted “

Parents and guardians may also request that the image of the Search results if the person died before reaching the age of majority.

Interested persons must fill out a form and Google will evaluate the request. If it considers it necessary, it may request additional information from the applicant to help make a decision.

Finally, a notification will be sent to inform about the measures taken by Google.

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