Google WiFi is already in Mexico, to offer a better connection


To improve the connection in Mexico, Google WiFi arrived. One of its advantages is the parental controls since they allow you to stop the connection and restrict certain content

Have a Internet connection stable is essential to fulfill various tasks of daily life, from home office, communication between people and even entertainment.

Mexican users will have a new option in the market, it is google-wifi. Which was launched in 2016 but barely makes its official arrival in the Aztec country.

with your service Google It promises to improve the connectivity of people in their homes, since it promises great speed.

“A fast and stable connection in every room of the home, as well as offering a great browsing experience”

Google Wi-Fi connection

google-wifi “offers simultaneous dual-band (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz) Internet connection with IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac compatibility, with two Gigabit Ethernet ports per point that can be configured as WAN or LAN”.

According to the company, the team will be updated automatically to offer new tools. In addition to protecting the safety of its users thanks to a mesh system.

“Automatic updates are generated through Network Assist. A technology software that is capable of detecting stronger connections and modifying them or selecting the fastest band”

google-wifi promises a range of 110 square meters. With what a package of three points is capable of providing coverage of up to 330 square meters.

“Google WiFi setup is done through the Google Home app. Offering options such as creating a network for visitors, managing the connection time of devices and prioritizing the connection of devices”


According to the company, users will be able to prioritize the connection of a specific device in case it is required to secure the connection.

Another advantage of google-wifi is that it allows greater parental control, which allows you to pause the WiFi connection, as well as restrict certain types of content that may be considered sensitive or inappropriate.

To protect the security of data, you can generate access and passwords so that guests cannot access sensitive information.

google-wifi It will be available at the main points of sale, physical and online stores in Mexico at a suggested price of 2,599 pesos for one unit and 4,999 pesos for a pack of three starting on January 18.

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