Google Store | The first physical store will open in New York


During the summer Google will open its first physical store where Pixel phones, Pixelbook laptops and the new range of Nest and Fitbit will be sold

With the pandemic, some companies have opted for eCommerce to sell their products. However Google surprised by announcing that he would open his first physical store.

This summer the technology giant will already have its Google store in Chelsea, New York. According to the first reports, it is a site where users can see, touch and test some products and devices that are also in its online store.

“We will have experts available to help visitors get the most out of their device, such as fixing a problem, fixing a broken Pixel screen, or helping with installations.”


During the year, practical workshops will also be offered so that users can get the most out of their devices. Google.

It is reported that the physical store it is part of the company’s “urban campus” there, where many of Google NYC’s more than 11,000 employees work.

“Google has been in New York for the past 20 years and we see the store as a natural extension of our longstanding commitment to the city.”

Due to the contingency due to Covid-19, some security protocols will be maintained to guarantee the integrity of people.


The spaces will be cleaned several times a day and the use of masks, respecting social distancing and proper hand hygiene will be required. There will also be limitations regarding the number of people served in the store “

In the physical store users will be able to find Pixel mobiles, Pixelbook laptops and the new range of Nest and Fitbit.

This place will also serve as a delivery point, as people will be able to place their orders in the online store and pick up at the physical store.

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