Google security camera with a big discount and free shipping

The model in question that we are talking about is the new version of Google Nest Indoor, a device that, among other things, allows you to access images that have a fairly high quality, since the resolution it offers is Full HD. This means that everything you do with this accessory when you visualize it will show you a very high precision and definition. Besides, and this we believe is important, it also has advanced options such as being able to perform zoom remotely or the include night vision, something that allows you to use it even when the house lights are off.

Front of Google Nest Indoor security camera

As it cannot be otherwise, this is what has to do with connectivity, this accessory has Internet access because it has WiFi. If you configure settings with the router you have at home, something that is quite simple, you can see from your mobile all the images acquired by the Google security camera that we are talking about (the necessary application can be downloaded in a free and is compatible with iOS and Android). Another good detail that you should know and that you can take advantage of with the app has to do with the possibility of taking advantage of both microphone and built-in speakerIn other words, you can send a message to whoever is in your house to stop doing something they shouldn’t… yes, here we all think about our children.

An offer that you can take advantage of on Amazon

At this time you can enjoy a 18% discount the aforementioned online store, this means that you save 25 euros compared to what you would normally have to pay to make the purchase from home. Without having to pay nothing for shipping costs In the case of having a Prime account (and you receive the product the day after making the purchase), we leave you the link that you must use both from the computer and from the phone so as not to miss the opportunity to get this item from security that surely is useful for most users.

Important in Google security camera

One of the most interesting is that due to the combination that the security camera makes with the control application, it is possible to set certain parameters that are very useful. An example of what we say is the possibility of establishing alerts in the event that movement is detected and even if a noise occurs in the room in which it is located. And this is something that differentiates it from other models on the market. The notification can be received both in the mobile phone as an email message (even if you have a smart watch, it will show you the information).

Google Nest Indoor Security Camera Rotated

With a quite striking design that includes a base that allows a stability very large and a top element that can be rotated to place it in almost any position, you should know that it is possible to store images and videos locally and also directly go back up to 3 hours of history of work that the Google security camera we are talking about has.

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