Google prepares quick tasks for Assistant without the ‘Hey, Google’ command

MADRID, April 26 (2021) –

Google will allow quick tasks with the Assistant digital without having to activate it first with the voice command, with a function that it develops as ‘guacamole’.

In early March, work began on Google’s ‘app’ of ‘guacamole’, the codename of a new feature with which the company has been booked, as noted in 9to5Google.

‘Guacamole’ has turned out to be a new function for the Assistant, with its own section in the configuration, which allows “get things done quickly“And enter the activation of voice shortcuts without first having to say the command ‘Hey, Google’.

This novelty has appeared in the latest beta version of the Google ‘app’ (v12.5) with Android 11, and as explained in Android Police, it allows you to quick actions like answering a call or stopping an alarm.

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