Google Play Store gets fed up with misleading app names and icons

MADRID, April 30 (2021) –

Google has announced changes in the guidelines that determine application metadata that are published in your Play store to be meaningful and allow users to discover new content.

The app name, the icon that accompanies her and her developer name they are the “most important discovery items” and therefore Google has modified its policies to make them “recognizable and unique”.

In this sense, it has limited the extension of the titles to a maximum of 30 characters and the inclusion of keywords or graphic elements in the icon that may be confusing is prohibited to users with promotional references or about their performance in the store.

This means that to be in the Play Store, applications must avoid keywords and expressions such as “Free”, “the best”, “the best application of 2020”, “with discount” or “download now“In the title or in the icon, as Google explains in its blog for developers.

The company accompanies these changes with new guidelines for preview items from the application page in the Play Store to graphics, screenshots, videos and descriptions summaries provided by developers.

Under the new guidelines, these items must accurately represent the game or app, offer enough information so that the user can decide to download it and do it easy to locate and read.

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